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Trolls(2016) - Guarda online 92 min
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Trolls(2016) Film Completo

Lingua italiana

PG-13 92 min AdventureAnimationFamilySenza categoriaUncategorized

IMDB: 8.4/10 203 125 votes

2 nominations.


Childhood period was in everyone’s life. Every kid dreamed about her, but quite often these dreams were similar to each other. If the current generation of children experiencing more interest in monsters and scary creatures, the previously most of them sincerely want to meet a kind of wizard fairy tales. The animated film tells the story of the little creatures. They are known in the fairy world, like trolls. They have a characteristic appearance. They have curly hair blond. Small beads decorate on their face those places where there are eyes in humans. A large number of legends were composed peoples for centuries. Ancient creatures are the main actors in them. In one such legend tells of a terrible monster. Home to him is the area located under the bridge. It is clear that all this is fiction. The film in this case to tell a completely harmless trolls, how they live. If the present-day reality trolls positioned as evil creatures, the cartoon will show them from the most unexpected side. They are kind, brave and courageous. Will the circumstances, they would have to move out of its mythical world to the human world. But even here they did not leave each other, and help out in the most difficult situations.

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